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What are your New Years Resolutions? 新年新希望

Posted by Kelly Chung on January 11, 2009

“All change in life begins with a decision. Change is the only constant in life and will not change until you have decided to change, a decision. Have a vision of your life. Otherwise, you will go back to your old way.”

“Discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment” quoted by A.R. Bernard

A.R. Bernard suggests we should have 6 areas of focus for the 2009 one-year goal in the following priority:

1/    Spirituality    2/    Family   3/    Career    4/    Finance    5/    Health and Well-being     6/    Home

My tips on Setting Goals:
~ Express goals as positive statement
~ Set goals that are realistic and attainable
~ Distinguish between short and long-term goals
~ WRITE DOWN your goals
~ Be specific – set time frames or a target date
To develop a budget, here are some tips:
~ Determine your monthly income
~ List your fixed monthly expenses, i.e. car insurance payment, mortgages, car loan payment, tuition, child care, transportation, housing,
~ List your variable expenses, variable expenses change from month to month i.e. food, birthday gifts, medical expenses, donations,
entertainment, education
~ Compare your income with your expenses
Ask yourself: INCOME > EXPENSES ??? or INCOME < EXPENSES ???
~ Always keep an emergency fund

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